Developing strategy for working and learning together remotely

A natural way to work virtually.

Most companies are exploring ways to leverage virtual working and learning to increase productivity and staff retention.   Making the right choices has substantial rewards.

Decision makers in the process of developing strategy for virtual working and learning face the following challenges:

  • Knowledge, expertise and experience is lacking given the relative newness of virtual working and learning

  • Future implications of implementing virtual technology are not always clear upfront

  • Evaluating options is time consuming 

  • Standard approaches and methodologies are not yet widely available

  • Facilitators and Trainers have not fully developed the new skills required to deliver virtually

  • IT staff generally lack experience with the technology

  • IT and Learning & Development functions are often not aligned

  • Implementation support provided by software providers is limited

We provide the additional support you need.

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The Virtual Introduction virtual working and learning
The Virtual Bootcamp
...developing your strategy and plan
The Virtual Leader
How to lead remote teams.
Training Design Course
How to design virtual training
The Virtual Facilitator
How to facilitate virtual meetings.
The Virtual Trainer
How to deliver training virtually.
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Whilst working with you we practice what we preach.  We utilise the commonly used conferencing tools such as Zoom and Skype but we will also take you on a journey of discovery, giving you practical hands on experience of the tools of the future such as 3D virtual worlds that are designed for business use and training. 

In partnership with the Visit we will introduce you to the Virtual Academy which utilises the amazing ProtoSphere technology.   Click here to find out more.


Who we are

Megan has extensive international experience having lived in the USA, Africa and the UK.  She has worked with diverse teams and cultures in over 16 countries; addressing the many challenges of cross-cultural team-working and changes in working practices.  She is particularly skilled at navigating the complexities and conflicts that exist in these environments; providing clarity and practical solutions to resolve them.


Megan is a highly sought after expert in helping organisations adapt their working practises to unlock the opportunities emerging technologies offer: transitioning traditional face to face classroom training into live global virtual programmes; helping virtual teams collaborate more effectively and equipping leaders with the tools and skills to manage a culturally diverse, global virtual workforce.

Megan Anderson

For over 20 years, Megan has designed and delivered training solutions to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organisations across a broad range of industries; with a particular focus on the IT, Energy and Pharmaceutical sectors. 

Paul began his career in Electro Mechanical Engineering and early on, was recognised as someone who was able to leverage his skill in building and designing products to understanding what these needed to look like to achieve organisational outcomes. 


Experienced in all aspects of Product Management, from concept through design to development and delivery, he is particularly skilled at understanding what users of a product portfolio need to achieve their organisational strategy, and designing useable/practical solutions to achieve this. 


During his career, spanning 35 years, Paul has worked with a diverse range of organisations, including Clement Clarke, the Ministry of Defence, the NHS, British Aerospace, BP and Castrol.  He is patient, tenacious and resourceful, passionate about helping people and organisations achieve their potential.


His ability to adapt his style to fit the skill and experience levels of his audience has supported/enabled hundreds of users globally to successfully implement and use new technologies.

Paul Boon

Paul is an exceptional track record in helping organisations to effectively use technology to achieve their objectives. 

Chris then went on to establish a successful IT consultancy with an exceptional track record for providing technology solutions across a broad range of industries including Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Media, Defence, Financial Services and Charity.


Chris has a wealth and depth of technical knowledge in software development, and a unique ability to identify how these technologies can support strategic business outcomes.  A highly creative, visionary thinker; Chris is passionate about creating and implementing innovative and ground-breaking solutions to address seemingly insurmountable business challenges. With pragmatic clarity, Chris is able to translate the technology in a way that can be universally understood; enabling businesses to fully engage with the solutions.

Chris Bullen

Chris has been a leader in emerging technologies for the past 30 years.  He started his career at BP progressing to the Head of IT for Air BP (Northern Europe), designing and leading global software programmes across multiple countries. 

This was a group charged with getting out of the organization and working closely with VCs, SMEs, startups, academia and major research groups to establish the likely impact of new technologies and educate the executive and senior level leaders.


He lead several waves of technology evangelisation such as Immersive Technology (virtual worlds, gamification, VR/AR, remote operations, Digital Twins), Satellite and Robotics as well as research into Industry 4.0 and The future of the Airport.


The Virtual Worlds program was particularly successful and enjoyed around 40 different projects ranging from replacing the Global Graduate Forum with a 4 week virtual world challenge, providing 50 students with a platform to orientate themselves prior to an expedition to Antarctica as well as onboarding for new joiners. The BP Virtual Village is the subject of chapters in 2 books that he co-wrote with Karl Kapp and Tony O'Driscoll in "Learning in 3D" and "Next Learning Unwrapped" with Nick Van Damm.

He has presented keynotes at many conferences as well as Stanford, MIT, Edinburgh Business School and IE Madrid. 

Joe Little

Joe Little retired after 30 years at BP Oil and Gas in 2019. In the latter 13 years in BP he was part of the elite emerging technology team called the CTO.



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Megan Anderson
Megan Anderson
Megan Anderson

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